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Waukesha North High School Senior PicturesKelly Mottl Photography
Riverwalk Senior PictureKelly Mottl Photography
Male Senior PictureKelly Mottl Photography
Family PhotoKelly Mottl Photography
Bridal Twirl

Mara and CJ’s Wedding – New Berlin Hills Golf Course

Mara and CJ were married at Holy Apostles church in New Berlin…
Vow Renewal First Dance

Mark and Carol’s Wedding Vow Renewal – Hartford

Mark and Carol renewed their wedding vows on Saturday, June…
A kiss on the cheek wedding photo

Jessie and Ryan’s Wedding – The Loft, Waukesha

Jessica and Ryan were married at the Loft in Waukesha on Friday,…
Wedding PhotographerKelly Mottl Photography

Katie and Josh’s Wedding – Silver Spring Country Club – Menomonee Falls

Katie and Josh were married on May 6, 2022 at the Silver Spring…

Brandon and Colleen’s Wedding – St. James Catholic Church, Hartland

Brandon and Colleen were married on November 27, 2021 at Saint…

Matt and Molly’s Wedding – Grace Evangelical Waukesha

Matt and Molly were married on October 30, 2021 at Grace Evangelical…
Groom kisses bride on cheek

Josh and Heather’s Wedding – Waukesha Rotary Building

Heather and Josh were married at the Rotary Building in Waukesha…
Bride and Groom First Dance

Teonna and Aaron’s Wedding Day Take 2- Reception in Hustisford, Wi

Wedding day number two for Aaron and Teonna went off without…
Bride and Groom

Andy and Angie’s Wedding – Thunder Bay Grille in Pewaukee

If there is one thing I have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic,…
Kiss on the Forehead

Teonna and Aaron’s Wedding Day Take 1- Homestead Hollow Park, Germantown

My blog post for Teonna and Aaron is going to be a bit different.…

Valerie and Robert’s Wedding – Grace Lutheran, Menomonee Falls

Valerie and Robert were married at Grace Lutheran in Menomonee…

Michele & John’s Wedding – Bowery Barn, Rubicon

Michele and John were married at the Bowery Barn in Rubicon…

Claire and Josh’s Wedding – Brookfield Baptist Church

Claire and Josh were married at Brookfield Baptist Church on…

Morgan and Cole’s Wedding – Delafield Brewhaus

Morgan and Cole were married at the Delafield Brewhaus in Delafield…

Becky and Jason’s Wedding – Les Paul Performance Center Waukesha

Becky and Jason were married at the Les Paul Performance Center…

Alyssa & Joe’s Wedding – St. John the Evangelist Greenfield

Alyssa and Joe were married at St. John the Evangelist in Greenfield…

Ashley & Will’s Wedding – October 19, 2018

Ashley and Will were married at Florian Park in Germantown on…

Lauren & Aaron’s Wedding – October 13, 2018

Lauren and Aaron were married at St. Paul's church in Muskego…

Christen & Jake’s Wedding – September 22, 2018

Christen and Jake were married at St. Bruno's church in Dousman…

Maggie and Jen’s Wedding – September 21, 2018

Jen and Maggie were married in the gazebo at the Ingleside Hotel…
Heather and George wedding

Heather and George’s Wedding – August 8, 2018

Heather and George were married at Hubbard Park in Shorewood…

Jenny and Dustin’s Wedding – November 11, 2017

Jenny and Dustin were married at St. Paul's Catholic Church in…

Alyssa and Michelle’s Wedding – October 20, 2017

Alyssa and Michelle were married at High Cliff State Park in…

Sarah and Jon’s Wedding – October 14, 2017

Sarah and Jon were married at the Country Springs Hotel in Waukesha…

Celia and McKenna’s Wedding – September 24, 2017

Celia and McKenna were married at South Shore Pavilion on the…
Wedding kiss

Bridget and Chad’s Wedding – September 16, 2017

Bridget and Chad were married at Christ our Savior church in…
Senior Picture Frame Park

Chelsea & Chad’s Wedding – June 24, 2017

Chelsea and Chad were married at Glacier Hills Chapel in Hubertus…

Michelle & Don’s Wedding – May 20, 2017

Michelle and Don were married at the Village Bowl in Menomonee…

Madison Is Going To Prom

Madison is going to prom tonight.  We spent some time this afternoon…

Missy & Kyle’s Wedding – April 7, 2017

Missy and Kyle were married at Washington County Fair Park and…
Glacier Hills Wedding Selfie

Kari & Ted’s Wedding – October 22, 2016

Kari and Ted were married at Glacier Hills Park near Holy Hill…
Delafield Hotel Bride Looking Out Window

Mimi & Jim’s Wedding – October 8, 2016

Mimi and Jim were married at the Delafield Hotel on October 8th.…
Family Photos

A Family Photo Shoot – Cedarburg, WI

I did a family photo shoot in Cedarburg on Monday night that…
Grand March Bride and Groom Waukesha

Kathryn & Jason’s Wedding – September 10, 2016

Kathryn and Jason were married at the Holiday Inn in Pewaukee,WI…
Watertown Brother and Sister on Bridge

A Family Photo Shoot – Watertown, WI

I did a family photo shoot in Watertown for a friend a few weeks…

Ricardo and Tim’s Wedding – July 15, 2016

When I started thinking about how I was going to write this blog…
Brothers at Menomonee Park

A Family Photo Shoot at Menomonee Park

I had this family photo shoot scheduled for a few weeks.  It…
Bride and Groom kiss in the woods

Danielle and Mike’s Wedding – April 23, 2016

Danielle and Mike were married at Glacier Hills County Park in…

Anna and Andrew’s Wedding – February 27, 2016

Anna and Andrew were married at Brooklife Church in Mukwonago,…
Winter Wedding Wisconsin

Jessica & Kris’ Wedding – January 16, 2016

Jessica and Kris were married at St. Anthony's on the Lake in…

Danielle and Mike Engagement Photos

In April I will shoot the wedding of Danielle and Mike at Glacier…

Crystal & Dan’s Wedding – November 21, 2015

A long, long time ago there was a little girl with strawberry…

Anna & Matthew’s Wedding – November 14, 2015

Anna and Matthew were married at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield,…

Bethany & Andy’s Wedding – November 7, 2015

Bethany and Andy were married held a small wedding ceremony/reception…
Bride and Groom lock arms

Emily & Kevin’s Wedding – October 10, 2015

Emily and Kevin were married at St. Joseph's Catholic Church…
Bridal party on kids playground

Mere & Kyle’s Wedding – September 12, 2015

Mere and Kyle were married on September 12, 2015 at Queen of…
Big Red Church Milwaukee

Molly & Phil’s Wedding – August 15, 2015

Molly and Phil were married on August 15th, 2015 at Calvary…

Jennifer & Nicholas’ Wedding – July 31, 2015

I have to start this blog post out by apologizing to Jennifer…
Engagement Photos July 2015

Anna and Matthew Engagement Photos

In November I will shoot the wedding of Anna and Matthew at Elmbrook…

Kristen & William’s Wedding – July 13, 2015

Monday night I shot the wedding of Kristen and William at the…
Wedding at a Golf Course

Jodi & Matt’s Wedding – June 28, 2015

Back in 2012-13 my daughter was a student in Mrs. Engstrom’s…

Jessica & Chris Wedding – June 20, 2015

Jessica and Chris were married last Saturday at Brookfield…
Pewaukee Lake Bride and Groom

Courtney & Josh’s Wedding – May 16, 2015

Courtney and Josh were married last Saturday at St. Dominic's…

How To Choose A Location For Engagement Photos

Choosing the location for your engagement photos can be difficult.…
Music Master Entertainment

Need A Good Wedding DJ?

During consultations I get asked how many pictures I take during…
Bride and Groom on Park Bench

Julie & Mike’s Wedding – October 11, 2014

Julie and Mike were married at St. Rita's church in West Allis…
Hailey Senior Picture 2014

Hailey Senior Pictures – October 7, 2014

It's time for Hailey's senior pictures!  Here are a few photos…
Fall leaves and wedding rings

Jessica & Jon’s Wedding – October 4, 2014

Jessica and Jon were married at the Seven Seas in Hartland last…
Ben Senior Pictures 2014

Ben Senior Pictures – October 5, 2014

Here are a few photos from my photo shoot with Ben from Sunday.…
Marissa Senior Pictures 2014

Marisa Senior Pictures – October 5, 2014

I shot many photos over this past weekend.  One shoot I had…
Difficult child to photograph

The Dreaded Photo Shoot

You would think that being a photographer means that I have millions…
Look Your Best In Photos

How To Look Your Best In Photos

I don’t know how many photos of myself I have seen and not…
Kate and Andrew Wedding

Kate & Andrew’s Wedding – August 23, 2014

Kate and Andrew were married at Christ the Victor Church in New…
Reasons to Hire A Mom

5 Reasons To Hire A Mom

I have heard many times over the years that admitting to being…
Kate and Rebecca Wedding

Kate & Andrew Are Getting Married!

On May 7, 2011 I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding for Kurt…
Wedding Photos Menomonee Falls

Chris & Cassie’s Wedding – August 15, 2014

I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from that very…
Trick or Treating

Chris and Cassie Are Getting Married!

When I was an eighth grader, my grade school took volunteers…
Bride and Groom Kiss Under A Milwaukee Bridge

Top 3 Things to Look For When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Someone who fits your personality I have stated this in…
To Do List

A Little Advice For Your Wedding Day

I have shot so many weddings that I have lost count. I have seen…
Groom Gives Bride Bear Hug

Samantha & Nathan’s Wedding – August 2, 2014

Samantha & Nathan were married yesterday at the Family Farm…
vintage camera

Tips For Composing Great Photos

Rule Of Thirds The rule of thirds is a good idea to keep in…
Mother Son Wedding

I love my customers!

I really do love my customers!! I received two more glowing reviews…
Flowers & Rings

Megan & Brad’s Wedding – June 28, 2014

Megan and Brad are hitched! It was a great day. (Sorry this blog…
Maternity Photography - Couple by the Water

Deanna & Shawn – A Maternity Photo Session

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting Deanna and Shawn for…

Am I A Cheap Wedding Photographer?

I get a lot of business because my prices are hundreds - sometimes…

Megan & Brad Are Getting Married!

Last September I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos…
Jason Senior Picture

Slow Down

Tonight I shot senior photos for a great family from Waukesha.…