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A Little Advice For Your Wedding Day

I have shot so many weddings that I have lost count. I have seen weddings that went off without a hitch and weddings that were a disorganized mess. Based on my experiences, I have a few suggestions for future brides.  Who doesn't need a little…
Groom Gives Bride Bear Hug

Samantha & Nathan's Wedding - August 2, 2014

Samantha & Nathan were married yesterday at the Family Farm in Grafton and became a family with their beautiful son, Noah. I had never shot at the Family Farm before so I wasn't sure what I would arrive to.  I was pleasantly surprised!…
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Tips For Composing Great Photos

Rule Of Thirds The rule of thirds is a good idea to keep in mind but definitely doesn't apply for every photograph you will take. When you are framing your shot think of your screen being divided up into nine equal parts by two horizontal lines…
Erin Jarmon Wedding

I love my customers!

I really do love my customers!! I received two more glowing reviews from previous customers over the last few days! Check them out here. Stephanie and Erin are the new additions. I shot birthday parties for Stephanie back in 2010 and 2011.…
Flowers & Rings

Megan & Brad's Wedding - June 28, 2014

Megan and Brad are hitched! It was a great day. (Sorry this blog post is a little late!!!!) We had to dodge a few sprinkles again, but that's good luck, right? The outdoor ceremony was very beautiful as it overlooked the golf course. There…
Maternity Photography - Couple by the Water

Deanna & Shawn - A Maternity Photo Session

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting Deanna and Shawn for a few maternity photos.  We went to Lannon Quarry in Menomonee Falls and shot on a beautiful night.  Deanna and Shawn were very easy to work with and will be welcoming baby Amaya…

Am I A Cheap Wedding Photographer?

I get a lot of business because my prices are hundreds - sometimes thousands - of dollars less than many other local photographers. But do I consider myself a cheap wedding photographer? No! I consider myself a reasonable wedding photographer…

Megan & Brad Are Getting Married!

Last September I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos for Megan and Brad at Rotary Park in Menomonee Falls.  Tomorrow I will also shoot their wedding!  Hopefully the weather for the wedding will be better than the weather for the…
Jason Senior Picture

Slow Down

Tonight I shot senior photos for a great family from Waukesha.  Funny story is that the mom, Kelly, has the same name as me, just spelled slightly different.  More importantly, Kelly has a wonderful son named Jason who is autistic.  She…