Matt and Molly’s Wedding – Grace Evangelical Waukesha

Matt and Molly were married on October 30, 2021 at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Waukesha. They couldn’t have asked for better weather for an October wedding in Wisconsin. It was a tiny bit chilly but not bad at all considering I have seen snow on weddings during October in the past.

As you know, I always tell my favorite part of a wedding day when I post my blog. Well this one takes the cake for sure. My favorite moment at their wedding was when the father of the bride found the grooms wedding band that I had lost. Yes….I lost it. I went to take pictures of the wedding bands out on a bench in a garden outside of the church and when I got up, they fell, hit the bench and bounced. Luckily I found the brides ring right away but the grooms wanted to play some hide and seek I guess. I knew it couldn’t be far but I also didn’t want to be out in the yard of the church at 8pm that night with my flashlight. Anyway, shortly after the ceremony, the father of the bride found the ring. YAY!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our photo shoot.

Congratulations on your wedding Molly and Matt and thank you for your understanding of my gigantic mistake. I’m glad you have a story to tell about your wedding day though. :).

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    • KellyMottl
      KellyMottl says:

      Most of the photos of them are at Frame Park. The ones of the rings are at the church. Many more to come…these are just my favorites 🙂


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