Frequently Asked Questions

Do you stop taking pictures once you reach a specific number?

No. The number of wedding photos is completely up to what is happening at the wedding. The more action a wedding has, the more photos that will be taken. Most 8 hour weddings end up with 500+ images to choose from. Photos will be taken from start to finish no matter what.

Do I get a USB with my wedding package?

Yes! I include all images on a USB with every wedding. All of the images on the USB  have been carefully cropped, color corrected and are ready to print. Photos on the USB can be printed at the lab of your choice.

Can we meet with you before our wedding?

Absolutely! In fact, I strongly recommend it. If possible we will set up an in-person meeting, or we can set up a Skype chat at a convenient time.

How do I get my photos printed?

The clients will receive a DVD with all photos on it along with a signed photo release. That DVD can be used at the photo lab of your choice (i.e. Walmart, Walgreens, Snapfish). If the photo lab requires a photographer’s waiver, you would simply present or copy the photo release for the lab.

What if I want a book of all of my proofs printed out?

Just ask. That will be happily provided for an extra charge. I also can provide services for coffee table books and slideshow DVDs of your wedding day. I also have a graphic design background so the possibilities are endless!

Color or Black and White?

Most of the images I deliver are in color. Most photo labs make a great black and white print from a color file. However, if I see an image that I think would look particularly good in black and white, I will change it for you and include both copies on the USB.

How long will formals take?

That depends on how many formals you want. Usually formals take between 45 minutes to an hour. Doing all of the formals before or after the ceremony speeds things up considerably. Otherwise time is wasted rounding people up twice instead of once.

When is my wedding coverage payment due?

A down payment is due at the time of the booking in order to hold your wedding date. The remaining balance due on the day of the wedding. Other options are available, please just ask.

What parts of the wedding will you be covering?

My full wedding packages include eight consecutive hours of coverage, and it’s completely up to you to decide when you want those eight hours to begin. Typically we arrive about an hour before the ceremony and stay until the end of the first dances and bouquet toss.

What if I need more or less than eight hours of coverage?

You are welcome to add additional hours or create a custom package with the exact amount of hours you need. I am willing to work with any couple to ensure you get the coverage you need.

When will I receive my wedding images on USB?

Your wedding proofs will typically be online within 3 weeks. During busy seasons it can take as long as 6 weeks but that is not typical. Turn around can be as quick as 48 hours if necessary, however, a rush charge may be added.

Do I need to count you in the dinner count?

Yes, please count me for dinner. Photos will still be captured as needed during dinner.

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